About the folk dance group

The Forgatós Kamara Néptáncegyüttes was established in 2008. The members are experienced dancers who have been dealing with the folk dance, music and traditions of the Carpathian Basin for years. They not only perform but also collect and study them. Some dancers used to work as professional dancers or are dance teachers by now.

         The relatively small number of members makes it possible for each dancer to enrich the performances through their own individuality.

         Our aim and duty is the acquisition and presentation of the dance traditions of the Carpathian Basin in an authentic form. For this reason we also explore the village culture.

         Celebrations of special festivals and other traditions sometimes appear in our choreographies. It is also important for us to emphasize the subtle differences between the dances of particular villages or even individual dancers.

We collect and prepare the traditional costumes for ourselves.

E-mail: info@forgatos.hu

Pintér András: 30/ 902 1384